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I remember this one time

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1I remember this one time Empty I remember this one time on Tue Jan 29, 2013 8:02 pm

back around 96. I was 16 or 17 and was pretty broke with no job or income after leaving school. Me and my scumbag friends had visited the Army Cadets, who were a bunch of kids who did army shit one evening a week and weekends, as they left the Territorial Army Centre. We had spotted them leaving the week before so went back at the same time to take their money and buy beer and cigarettes. It was uneventful, nobody was feeling brave and we left them something like $20 lighter. We wasnt really violent when it come to taking shit, nor did we rob them of everything they owned. A few coins and cigarettes was a usual haul. Pick a few targets and you can get enough cash for a weekend without the amounts being worthy for people to phone the police.

A week later word got back that one of the cadets who got robbed was talking shit about one of us. My friend James.

James was a penis. I got mixed up with all these kids from the rough estate my house backed onto. Marsh Farm in Luton. Marsh Farmers, or Farm Boys, didnt usually like people from my estate, but neither did i so they accepted me. I had plenty of trouble from Farm Boys when i was at school. Marsh Farm was a serious shit hole with dumb crimes going down all day everyday. James was part of a real small group i got friendly with when they showed up in my street one day. A few months after meeting we was smoke boxing somebodys car for the evening, with this rough as assholes black girl who had huffed 2 cans of butane gas.
James was acting the tough guy, probably testing me. It comes down to him offering me a fight, to which i agree. We get out the car and face off, he slides a wheel brace out his sleeve. I have had knives pulled on me before this and i guess i didnt find this 14 inch blunt metal object so threatening, so i lunged at him. He hit me twice with the wheel brace, once on top of the head and then in the chin and he got me into a headlock. Dude wasnt easy to wrestle as he was a fair size heavier than me, but i could feel his chin on top of my head so knew where to swang. I threw the best uppercut of my life and buried my knuckle deep in his eye. James let go and stumbled back all fucked up, he didnt wanna fight anymore. He had a black eye for months.
Despite him being a fucking dick there was a mutual respect. In some respects we was a gang, although we didnt see it like that at the time. If one of us had trouble we were all there to fix it.

So James come to me saying he was gonna fight this army cadet kid because of the shit talking but he said he was worried about one of the other cadets jumping in and wanted me to keep this other kid busy. I said yes.

So theres a group of around 8 of us who catch the cadets leaving the TA centre. There was probably over 30 cadets there but they knew who we were (or more like where my friends where from) and wouldnt want to get involved.
James points out my victim. Hes around the same size as me, blonde hair, not threatening. I thought i was going there to kick ass but this dude looked kinda frail. I go in for the robbery first and start demanding cash. He had nothing but that wasnt a good enough answer for me. I swing a medium weight hook and clock him on the cheekbone like a warning shot. This kid held his face like i had just thrown acid at him and was on the verge of crying.
Most of the other army cadets were watching but nobody stepped up to defend their friend. I wasnt going to get a fight that evening. I was a little disappointed as i got all hyped for it.
So i decided to humiliate him. I made him get on his knees nohomo, dude was thinking i was gonna kick him in the face but i wasnt a brutal fucker like that. I was just a straight up asshole to people. I shouted at him to lick my foot. He made a fake pass after deciding he was very close to being mauled. I knew he faked the lick because i was wearing black Nikes and there was no wet patch. I told him i wanted to see saliva on my footwears, "clean my fucking trainers, boy". It took some threatening and a dig to the back of his head but in front of 30 people this fucking kid dragged his tongue across my dirty Nike. I kicked him over and walked away, the other cadets were shook and didnt want to make eye contact. James had barely marked this other dude despite throwing hundreds of punches, i was starting to learn that James was a fucking pussy without a tool.
Later that night James told me the dude hadnt talked shit about him, James just wanted to go fight and made up the story. I didnt really care though, i had made another human lick my foot and i was pretty happy with myself.
It was this kinda shit that got me a pass with a lot of people who would have otherwise robbed and kicked me around.

I stopped hanging around marsh farm when i was around 19 as the drugs were becoming too much for my liking. I was never a heavy user of anything other than beer and weed but everyone else was taking trips and speed (amphetamine) daily and i was getting bored of seeing it. I got a job, a shitty car and started to clean up.
In later years i thought back and felt real bad for that foot licking dude, it must be a real shitty memory to have. But i still cant say i really regret it. For me its a memory from the most fun years of my life. Im certainly not proud of the shit i did back then but that time made me who i am now.

Im not sure how to end this poast without sounding like a faggot, so heres a picture of magician Paul Daniels

I remember this one time Daniels_paul

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2I remember this one time Empty Re: I remember this one time on Wed Jan 30, 2013 3:38 am


Yea don't feel bad about it. The humiliation he suffered probably made him adapt a take no shit Michael Douglas attitude about those situations in the future. If not he deserved it. Your story reminded me of one I read recently, check it out:

I remember this one time Picsar10
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