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failed development, a legendary ughh post...

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1 failed development, a legendary ughh post... on Sat Dec 15, 2012 7:21 pm

yeah that bucket is like a development that got haulted because it ran out of money, reason being all the funders pulled out due to reports that it was built in a fault zone. one of the former funders of the hypothetical development was none other than former laker great brian shaw, who lost a substantial amount of money due to the poor planning and pre-build surveys by an eastern oregon based construction crew that immesely underbid the compitition.... everyone got fucked over thanks to the oversight of a few people and now the site sits vacant save for a few partially built structures and some of the heavier piping that meth addicts had troube making off to the scrap yard with... to this day it is an eyesore for neighboring communities but state ledgislation affirms county ownership of any unfinished, underfunded or otherwise lacking single structure, complex or open pit mining operation that has sat idley for a period exceeding 2 calendar years. but like i said, this is just a hypothetical.

- samutahjazz

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