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Off to a Holiday Party But A Couple Thoughts Regarding This

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- mental health care/mental health awareness needs to improve in this country.

- i really hope kids didn't do this shooting but i bet it is probably parents and related to either a.) a custody dispute or b.) discipline the school was enforcing.

- theres too many fucking guns in our culture. this bullshit "if the other person was armed they could have stopped it" post-batman massacre logic most americans have is bullshit. this shit has got to stop man. every week its something. there isn't going to be a government revolution where we need to be armed. it's not 1840. the french and english aren't going to come in our homes and try to rape our women. we don't need neighbor hood militias. this shit has got to stop.

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I think instead of focusing on propaganda that tells us to use guns, or media that makes it cool, I think we need to focus on the manufacturers. Think how much better life would be in general without guns, the playing field would be even. Sure there would still be those people who would go crazy and try to go on rampages, but it's a lot easier to fight off a dude with a melee weapon than a dude with a fully automatic weapon

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omg they totally need to ban guns. only the police should have guns. the constitution was wrong.

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i'm gonna make my own gun. that'll be something

Off to a Holiday Party But A Couple Thoughts Regarding This Picsar10
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