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Jason wants to tell you a story about Katt Williams

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Runoff World Heavyweight Champion
Runoff World Heavyweight Champion
this transcript is being typed letter for letter (if there are typos its because they are in the text). tbh i didnt read this story till i was able to transcript it.

OP Dec 5th 11:39 PM: Is this Bre

OP 11:42: I don't think Jason hung out with Katt Williams.

BBB 11:43: Y, he did frrl, Y.

BBB Dec 6th 12:48 PM: Katt williams loved mixnmatch and ivited me to go to lil waynes bday party with him. There i met lil jon and too short. There was a club clearing fight between a big Samoan and Juelz Santana's bodyguard right when the cake was being presented.

BBB 12:50: So then we got in katts car where he sat propoed up at the car window with a gun in his hand.

BBB 12:53: Julez got jn the backseat w me nh and we dropped him off at his hotel.Then we went to the studio where i met and puff daddy. Then too short showed up, wrote his verse on yhe spot, and recorded it.

BBB 12:55: Then internally katt decided not to pursue pushing me for watever reason. Then his life went to shit.

OP 1:09: Ill post this story when I get back to the office.

OP 1:10: Just worked out for two hours I'm fkn brolic.

OP 1:11: I'm targeting dec 27th as poidh day

BBB 1:12: K

BBB 1:15: Check my "mime skills" vid for Katt's business card. Then google "lil wayne club shag"

BBB 1:15: Ps when do i lie

BBB 1:16: Pps this is breana

Jason wants to tell you a story about Katt Williams Mime10

Jason wants to tell you a story about Katt Williams Swag10

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I was considering making a video for jason and poasting it here in an attempt to guilt trip him into logging in.
But what i had in mind will be pretty time consuming to prepare and if he didnt respond to it i would literally have to fly out and murder his face.

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Jason wants to tell you a story about Katt Williams Original
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