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My thanksgiving

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1 My thanksgiving on Sat Nov 24, 2012 1:54 am

It all started when my wife sent me to walmart to get a turkur. They were all sold out. So I was like eff it imma hunts me some gobbledy gobbs, I grabbed a gun and took off to the woods. I shot a deer for practice, and I thought to myself about pilgrims and shite and how those wiggers should have had themselves some vennisons instead of turkies and I woulda been home right about now eating deers. Eventually a turk gobbled his fat ass up to me and I shot him in his gobble and he became a dead

I loaded him onto the truck And took off like brown on rice.
I was so happy I turned up the volume and started singing like groban cuz I killt a turkee and I waz gon make my kid and wife so, proud of me. I wasn't thinking with my eyes so I crashed into the back to the future car. This was my second tome running into an inventor, and he was liek "you hit my car wanksta now yoo go bag to teh furts thnxgiveeng" and I was like shit son. And he showed me a trick then bam I went back in time.

I was like a snaps and I was at the first thanksgiving eating turgwy and stuffed cornucopias with injins and pilgrims.

We had a funs time, and one injun was like " hey wite debil , I can make you talk like my peepol" I was like "how" and he wad like I just did lozl. That pissed me off so I was like fuck you red nigger and the sun god. And your gay ass feather hat fgt.
He was mad so he pushed me, and I hit him back. We fought around for a while till I killt his ass

The tribe was not happy with that so they banished me to plymouth rock, and the bilgrums shunned me. So now I os stuck here for three hundred years. And I posted this from the past and sent it to yhe fyooture. So im dead now don't look for me

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2 Re: My thanksgiving on Sat Nov 24, 2012 1:51 pm


thanks for the sig chuck

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3 Re: My thanksgiving on Sat Nov 24, 2012 5:05 pm

No problemo,
There was some arab/mexican guy in the background of that pic I was thinking of using him somehow. But I couldn't think of anything. But he looks pretty fynny if you know him.

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