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bad luck chuck

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1 bad luck chuck on Mon Nov 12, 2012 4:55 pm

here's a list of serious exes i've had and things that have happened to them after we broke up

denise kramer - dated a dude, he cheated on her with a man... dated another dude who beat her like an egg

ana narez- got engaged , dude left her a month before the wedding

alysia rapko - first time we talked she was addicted to meth, second time we talked she was pregnant by an unknown man (meth addiction unknown)

amanda irwin- ex wife. also found cumfort in illegal drugs, moved to north california with an acid-head? got pregnant and is now having custody battles

maria marquez - got fat... i mean reallly reeeaaallly fat. like almost bbb fat.

anyways i wrote this poast cuz one a my friends saw this other ex that i had recently and said that she is now a jehova's witness

her name was monique something

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